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From Bernard <>
Subject jsvc on Linux: multiple instances possible, why -pidfile?
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 11:33:17 GMT

I created multiple jsvc instances that did not die.
That happens with the adapted supplied with the Tomcat 5.5

That's a problem.

I would appreciate some help in understanding the logic of the pid

This is my view of things; please correct me and help me if I am

If, as it is presently the case, jsvc creates a pid file, then it must
not be possible for jsvc to launch a second copy of a service.

jsvc should however be able to briefly run only itself as multiple
instances - it must be allowed to do so in order to check the pid
file. It would not be reliable to pass this responsibility to the OS.

So any jsvc copy on top of the first should exit with an error
condition, and it should not attempt to start the jvm with the server.

If jsvc is NOT designed to block multiple service instances, then it
must not write the PID file. In that case it would be the
responsibility of the script to write the pid file and block multiple
service instances.

What to do?

Many thanks,


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