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From Oliver Zeigermann <>
Subject [digester2] Additions
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 18:08:21 GMT

as I noticed Simon has done so much work on Digester2, I just wanted
to be sure that my scheduled additions still are appropriate and
aligned to the overall design. Here they are:

(1) XMLIORuleManager: A rule manager that takes an action and
unconditionally calls it on any event. It's useful to imitate xmlio
style processing, but not limited to this. One application might be
logging. As it is more general any proposal for a better name?

Quoting code sample from Simon:

> // xmlio-style digester
> Action myHandler = new AbstractAction() {
>   public void begin(
>    Context context,
>    String namespace, String name,
>    Attributes attrs) {
>     String path = context.getMatchPath();
>     if (path.equals("......")) {
>         ....
>     } else {
>         ....
>     }
>   }
>   public void body(...) {
>   }
> }
> RuleManager xmlioRuleManager = new XMLIORuleManager(myHandler);
> Digester d  = new Digester();
> d.setRuleManager(xmlioRuleManager);

As an option it might be possible to register an action with any rule
manager that gets called unconditionally - epsecially for logging and
debugging this can be really helpful. However,  I wasn't quite sure if
Simon was happy with that.

(2) Next to the body and bodySegment call back methods there might be
one that gives you the complete body of an element as a string
composed of all character and markup data. This might be useful when
you want to verbosely take over formatted mixed content like in XHTML.

For performance reasons there should be some mechanism that tells
digester when such content is needed on an element basis. Maybe
something returned by the begin method or - maybe cleaner - something
returned by an additional call back directly called after begin like
boolean requiresComposedBody(String namespace, String name) or
anything similar. This method could alternatively be part of an
additional or extended interface.



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