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From Brad Neuberg <>
Subject Re: VOTE: FeedParser move to Commons Proper...
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 01:53:09 GMT
Total +1 on this.  Now that the ROME developers want to work on a unified 
API and JavaOne speech this should make working with them much easier.


At 05:54 PM 2/2/2005, you wrote:
>Hey gang.
>I'd like to propose that we move FeedParser into commons proper.  The main
>personal requirement for this is that I want to do a 0.5 release for my 
>talk on the FeedParser on Feb 11.
>We've been in the sandbox for 11 months now.  The FeedParser itself is 
>more than
>2 years old.  Its currently used in production at to handle more than
>1.9 million feeds.
>We currently have three developers working on the FeedParser:
>Kevin Burton (me)
>Brad Neuberg (Rojo Networks Inc.)
>Joseph Ottinger (Fusion Alliance)
>We're also working with the Rome developers (another RSS parser) to try to
>standardize APIs and are collaborating on a common feed parsing components
>including networking IO, autodiscovery, unit test, and potential 
>In order for this to happen though I need to get a stable release of 
>out the door and the sandbox doesn't allow any releases.
>I also want to be able to give out SVN commit to additional developers as they
>come on board.
>Also... I assume we can get a dedicated mailing list for the FeedParser?
>HttpClient is currently doing this.
>The roadmap for FeedParser is to get a 0.5 release out before Feb 11 and then
>about a month later to release 1.0.  Then I want to start working on 
>better and
>DEEPER unit tests and then rewrite the backend to use SAX.   At this point I
>can make a better case that the Rome developers should build their object 
>on top of FeedParser ....
>Thanks guys!!!
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Brad Neuberg,
Senior Software Engineer, Rojo Networks


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Rojo is Hiring!  If you're interested in RSS, Weblogs, Social Networking, 
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