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From Christoph Gaffga <>
Subject [betwixt] Bug in attribute output to SAX events. local name differs from qualified name
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 23:54:43 GMT

found some strange behavior with BetwixtTransfomer in cocoon that comes 
from a problem of the SAX output of betwixt, as I think.

The attributes of a start element SAX event local names that differ from 
there qualified names for attributes without namespace applied.

I wrote a small testcase to demonstrate the bug, but I wasn't able to 
track it down and fix it.
It seems to be a problem in the introspector, as I see it. Perheaps 
somebody more familiar with betwixt could have a look at it.

The bugreport is at

The testcase is attached to the bugreport as a patch.


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