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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [id] Getting out of the sanbox...
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2005 04:33:38 GMT
Here is an update on the todo list that I posted to commons-user a 
couple of weeks ago.

1) There appears to be one method missing from the JDK 1.5 UUID 
interface, viz., nameUUIDFromBytes 

2) I am not a UUID spec expert, so some independent review of the 
implementation and verification that our methods are consistent with 
both the JDK 1.5 versions and the spec would be great.  I am personally 
OK with us departing from the JDK 1.5 signatures if others agree with 
Tim that the JDK did not get some things right according to the spec.

3) clean up javadoc warnings and make sure javadoc is complete and what 
the javadoc says is what the code does (see next item)

4) improve test coverage.  Current clover report is here:

5) Make sure each of the following issues has been addressed:

Did I miss anything?  Comments / suggestions / patches are welcome.

I will review and commit patches (starting with the ones included above 
:-) and play the RM role once we get out of the sandbox


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