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From Brian Eubanks <>
Subject Re: [functor] status evolution ?
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 23:19:34 GMT

Thanks for your help. Because this project seems to be in a state of 
limbo, I've decided to use JGA instead. (JGA is another functor API 
based on Java 5 generics. It also has a lot of the features that I 
wanted to see added to commons-functor.)  I'd rather not fork 
commons-functor into a separate sourceforge project. Perhaps one of the 
existing committers will take over the lead development someday.

Best regards,

Stephen Colebourne wrote:

> From: "Brian Eubanks" <>
>> I'm writing a book that mentions the functor project. So I'd like to 
>> see this project promote in the near future too.
>> This project is very promising. There are a few things I'd like to 
>> change or add, though, before it should promote.
>> What are the responsibilities of lead developer? I'll step up.
> The main requirement is that you are already an Apache committer. If 
> you are then, just ask and you'll be let in.
> Assuming you're not, then you have to do all work via an Apache 
> committer until you get voted in. (Personally I'm not entirely in 
> favour of this approach, but thats the rules). The problem is that no 
> Apache committer seems to be currently interested in helping.
> You could try asking at general AT just to see if 
> you could interest anyone.
> Thus, your only other approach would be to take the code to 
> sourceforge. The AF2 license allows this, providing you keep the ASF 
> credits (read the license). Possibly in the future, if an Apache 
> committer did become interested, it could then be merged back.
> Stephen
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