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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [feedparser] Release HOWTO?
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 03:15:52 GMT

Kevin A. Burton wrote:
> I'm pending on doing a first beta release of FeedParser here shortly.
> Is there a document anywhere describing current release procedures 

This is a little out of date, but a good place to start:

> including:
> - Release Candidate scheduling

Different commons components have done different things here. The most 
common approach is to follow the RC -> VOTE -> Release path described in, but the only 
thing absolutely required is that nothing is publicly released without a 
VOTE and notification of the Jakarta PMC.

> - Nighly build setup

If you have a working ant build.xml, all you need to do is post a 
request here (commons-dev list) to get added to the nightly build runs.

> - Gump integration

Not part of the release process per se and not a required prerequisite 
for a release.  I don't know of any commons gump how-to. IIRC all apache 
committers have karma for the gump repo and you can get added by just 
adding a descriptor.

> - Archive setup

Don't know exactly what you mean here.  If you mean what needs to go in 
the source and binary release tars, the minimum requirements are 
described in



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