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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: commons benchmark in sandbox.
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 21:40:28 GMT
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You might like to check out Atlassian Profiling - I believe it does
something similar to what you are doing. I've found it useful in the
past for the reasons you've given.

Kevin A. Burton wrote:

> Hey.
> I just added a new project to the sandbox. Its designed to provide
lightweight runtime benchmarking for Java code. Think log4j for
> The code can be disabled at runtime with almost no performance hit. Its
also very fast when enabled as well being able to product 1M benchmarks
per second with a modern CPU.
> The goal is to provide universal and exported performance benchmarks
that can be enabled at runtime for the JVM. It can also be used to
provide historical benchmarking. Think perfmon for Java. We actually are
using it to tie it into ganglia and rrdtool so that we can generate
graphs as the the performance of our application.
> Right now its just a working proof of concept and needs a lot before it
can be shipped. Better API design, XML configuration support,
documentation, etc.
> Once (and if) its in Jakarta and out of the sandbox it could be used in
packages like FeedParser or Tomcat to export benchmarking statistics.
> Kevin

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