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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: commons benchmark in sandbox.
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 20:13:19 GMT
Richard Sitze wrote:

>With so many benchmark and profiling tools available that do not require 
>instrumenting the code, what real benefit do you see this providing? 
Again... I haven't found anything that comes anywhere close to what I 
Most profiling tools are horrible... and most benchmarking tools require 
you to recompile your application.

This way your app can export benchmarks and you can enable/disable them 
at runtime.

You can also LEAVE them enabled and use them to export historical data 
for your app.

Again... think log4j but for benchmarks.

>Similarly, with AspectJ [or other alternatives], what are you providing 
>that goes beyond what you might do in that space?
I haven't played around much with ApsectJ but it doesn't do a lot of 
what I want.  I mean I'd have to provide my own function advice which 
would have to implement benchmarking so I'm back to square one.

The advice approach is cool.  It would be cool of commons benchmark 
could benchmark any existing packages.  For example I could benchmark 
the ConnectorJ for MySQL without their cooperation.  Then all my 
executeUpdate, executeQuery functions would be benchmarked.

Still trying to think of the ideal approach here but its still coming 
together :)



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