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From Christian Aust <>
Subject [betwixt] Patch for ID storing strategy
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:42:51 GMT

the following is a patch against current CVS 
jakarta-commons/betwixt/src/java that implements a pluggable strategy 
for storing already processed bean ID values. The default implementation 
provided works exactly like it did before, but it allows me to override 
this behaviour.

The idea is that (while serializing certain object trees that have a lot 
of dependencies) not every instance that is referenced needs to show up 
in the resulting XML. This depends on the use you make of it: XML 
fragments designed to transfer individual pieces of information can be 
significantly smaller than those needed to fully recreate a complex 
object tree.

I'd be happy to commit this to the standard code base. Kind regards,

-  Christian


Christian Aust
icq: 84500990 - Yahoo!: datenimperator - MSN: datenimperator
PGP: A94E 0181 664D 27E3 F05A  A751 6A7E 90D1 A0A3 DEC7

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