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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: commons site broken.. shot myself in the foot!
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 23:42:47 GMT
Kevin A. Burton wrote:

> Kevin A. Burton wrote:
>> Crap...
>> I just shot myself in the foot.  Anyone care to help?
>> I pushed to the wrong directory and now
> More on this subject btw:
> the <siteDirectory> in commons-build is
> /www/
> Which is the worst setting right?  

Yes, especially if it differs from the sandbox. I'll fix it. I did point
this out in my other email before this happened...

> I think the problem is that I extended the commons-build/project.xml
> like I did when I was in the sandbox thinking this was the correct
> approach.  Guess I was wrong.
> It looks like httpclient doesn't do this (to pick a random sample).
> I'm trying to get a new version of the site up (because I feel really
> guilty about breaking it) but I can't find instructions and:
> 1. in commons-build "maven site" is taking FOREVER.. ug. It's stuck
> checking a bunch of links right now!
> 2. Whats up with the commons-site-deploy goal in maven.xml?   which
> one should I use?

I truly don't know, because I'm not familiar with the commons-build. It
should just be site:deploy - so hopefully that can get cleared up later.

I'd suggest "maven clean xdoc site:sshdeploy" for now - it'll be much
faster and just get the essentials up there.

- Brett

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