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Subject Re: concurrency and starting a synchronized block
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 21:50:11 GMT
I guess this thread should end soon, but while we're still having some 
fun ... ;)

ConcurrentHashMap can do concurrent put() operations and concurrent 
get() operations... and that's the tricky part.

I just love all that stuff that Doug Lea has done.  For those who 
haven't looked at util.concurrent, I recommend it.  Sounds like others 
do as well.


Kevin A. Burton wrote:
> Torsten Curdt wrote:
>> Guys, forgive me if this too off topic...
>> ...but I thought it is somehow related to
>> collections that's why I am bringing it up
>> here anyway. I bet someone of you will know....
> Ignore what everyone else says on this list topic.  ha.
> Use a ReentrantReadWriteLock from JDK 1.5.  There's a backport to JDK 
> 1.4 out on the net. Google for "backport concurrent oswego" or something
> Then you can do a
>    lock.readLock().lock()
> on our gets and then do a writeLock on your puts.  the writeLock will 
> backup the readlock but if you only have readlocks they can all happen 
> at once.
> Normally though its not too big a deal since gets() on a hashtable are 
> O(1)....
> Kevin

                                   Philip Jacob

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