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From "B. K. Oxley (binkley)" <>
Subject [io] copyAndClose
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 14:28:10 GMT
I note in my blog:

It would be nice to include utility methods such as this in the io 
library to compliment the good set of primitives already there.

The method in question with Javadoc added:
  * Copies <var>in</var> to <var>out</var>, flushing <var>out</var>
  * and closing both streams even in the face of exceptions.  This is
  * usually sufficient to ensure proper copying for arbitrary streams
  * and avoid data lose (<cite>e.g.</cite>, file streams can lose
  * data if you do not flush them before closing).
  * <p/>
  * If more than one operation throws an exception, propagates only
  * the most recent exception.  Java swallows earlier exceptions.
  * @param in the input stream data source
  * @param out the output stream data sink
  * @throws IOException if any I/O operation fails
public static void copyAndClose(final InputStream in,
         final OutputStream out)
         throws IOException {
     try {
         CopyUtils.copy(in, out);

     } finally {
         try {

         } finally {

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