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From "B. K. Oxley (binkley)" <>
Subject Re: [vfs] proposal: FileUtils
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 16:01:14 GMT
Continuing the command pattern, I rejiggered the Save command to use a 
Backup command rather than hard-coding the backup policy:

public class Save implements IOOperation {
     private final Backup backup;
     private final InputStream newContents;
     private final FuFile original;

     public Save(final Backup backup, final InputStream newContents,
             final FuFile original) {
         if (null == backup) throw new NullPointerException();
         if (null == newContents) throw new NullPointerException();
         if (null == original) throw new NullPointerException();

         this.backup = backup;
         this.newContents = newContents;
         this.original = original;

     public void execute()
             throws IOException {
                 new Write(newContents, original)).execute();

Notice the "prepare" method which is an example of delayed 
initialization.  Since Backup needs a next operation, but Save both 
needs a Backup and creates the next operation (a Write command), I 
cannot both create an immutable Backup and create an immutable Save at 
the same time.

And looking at Backup:

public abstract class Backup implements IOOperation {
     protected final FuPolicy policy;
     private FuFile original;
     private IOOperation next;

     protected Backup(final FuPolicy policy) {
         if (null == policy) throw new NullPointerException();

         this.policy = policy;

     protected FuFile getOriginal() {
         return original;

     protected IOOperation getNext() {
         return next;

     public Backup prepare(final FuFile original, final IOOperation next) {
         if (null == original) throw new NullPointerException();
         if (null == next) throw new NullPointerException();

         this.original = original; = next;

         return this;

And two implementations:

public class NoBackup extends Backup {
     public NoBackup(final FuPolicy policy) {

     public void execute()
             throws IOException {
         final FuFile original = getOriginal();

         new Delete(original, policy.createScratch(original), 

public class SimpleBackup extends Backup {
     public SimpleBackup(final FuPolicy policy) {

     public void execute()
             throws IOException {
         final FuFile original = getOriginal();
         final FuFile backup = policy.createBackup(original);

         new Delete(backup, policy.createScratch(backup),
                 new Move(original, backup, getNext())).execute();

The second implementation, "SimpleBackup", implements the policy 
hard-coded previously in Save.

I still use the FuPolicy object to decide how to make a temporary and a 
backup file.  I think that creating a backup should be merged into the 
Backup object instead, but I haven't decided what the best way to do 
that is.  The problem scenario is an Emacs-scheme multiple backup (e.g., 
foo.txt, foo.txt.~1~, foo.txt.~2~, etc.).  There the policy for naming 
backups and the backup command are very intimate, and really belong in 
the same object.


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