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Subject svn commit: r155359 - jakarta/commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/configuration.xml
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 18:38:08 GMT
Author: dirkv
Date: Fri Feb 25 10:38:08 2005
New Revision: 155359

add some icons to the important text


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/configuration.xml
--- jakarta/commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/configuration.xml (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/dbcp/trunk/xdocs/configuration.xml Fri Feb 25 10:38:08 2005
@@ -242,6 +242,7 @@
+<img src="images/icon_info_sml.gif"/>
 This component has also the ability to pool PreparedStatements.
 When enabled a statement pool will be created for each Connection
 and PreparedStatements created by one of the following methods will be pooled:
@@ -249,6 +250,9 @@
    <li>public PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String sql)</li>
    <li>public PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String sql, int resultSetType, int
+<img src="images/icon_warning_sml.gif"/>
 <strong>NOTE</strong> - Make sure your connection has some resources left for
the other statements.
@@ -268,9 +272,13 @@
+<img src="images/icon_info_sml.gif"/>
 Default is false, it is a potential dangerous operation and misbehaving programs can do harmfull
things. (closing the underlying or continue using it when the guarded connection is already
 Be carefull and only use when you need direct access to driver specific extentions.
-<br/><b>NOTE:</b> Do not close the underlying connection, only the original
+<img src="images/icon_warning_sml.gif"/>
+<b>NOTE:</b> Do not close the underlying connection, only the original one.
@@ -306,8 +314,12 @@
+<img src="images/icon_info_sml.gif"/>
 If you have enabled "removeAbandoned" then it is possible that a connection is reclaimed
by the pool because it is considered to be abandoned.
 This mechanism is triggered when (getNumIdle() &lt; 2) and (getNumActive() &gt; getMaxActive()
- 3)
+<img src="images/icon_info_sml.gif"/>
 For example maxActive=20 and 18 active connections and 1 idle connection would trigger the
 But only the active connections that aren't used for more then "removeAbandonedTimeout" seconds
are removed,
 default (300 sec). Traversing a resultset doesn't count as being used. 

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