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Subject svn commit: r153057 - jakarta/commons/proper/digester/branches/digester2/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 12:24:09 GMT
Author: skitching
Date: Wed Feb  9 04:24:08 2005
New Revision: 153057

General updates


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/digester/branches/digester2/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- jakarta/commons/proper/digester/branches/digester2/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/digester/branches/digester2/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Wed Feb  9 04:24:08
@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@
 This section is intended for the use of those familiar with the 1.x releases
 of this product. There are many changes, but those listed below are the
-most significant.
+most significant. Mostly, this information is restricted to listing changes
+in *functionality*; only a few implementation-level changes are listed here.
@@ -42,10 +43,13 @@
 General principles
-* Protected members are not used. Instead, members are private, and protected
-  setter/getter methods are provided where needed. This makes it easier in
-  future to change classes without breaking existing subclasses that have 
-  been defined by users of the Digester classes.
+* Protected members are not used for classes in the o.a.c.digester2 package. 
+  Instead, members are private, and protected setter/getter methods are provided
+  where needed. This makes it easier in future to change classes without 
+  breaking existing subclasses that have been defined by users of the Digester
+  classes.
+* It is still undecided whether concrete Action classes should follow the above
+  approach or use protected members.
 Renamed/repackaged classes
@@ -65,10 +69,14 @@
 * All the basic action classes (formerly Rule classes) now reside in the
   o.a.c.digester2.actions package.
-* ObjectCreateRule has been renamed to CreateObjectAction and
-  FactoryCreateRule has been renamed to CreateObjectWithFactoryAction.
-Refactored classes
+* Renamed actions:
+   NodeCreateRule --> CreateNodeRule
+   ObjectCreateRule --> CreateObjectAction
+   FactoryCreateRule --> CreateObjectWithFactoryAction
+   ObjectCreationFactory --> ObjectFactory
+   AbstractObjectCreationFactory --> AbstractObjectFactory
+Digester class
 * Digester has been split into:
    * Digester
@@ -98,7 +106,7 @@
   Note that because parsing state is stored on the Context object now, it
   is easier to implement the often-requested feature of being able to parse
   multiple xml documents with the same Digester instance.
 Namespace-aware parsing
 The Digester now *always* uses a namespace-aware xml parser.
@@ -107,6 +115,16 @@
 where the URIs that ns1 and ns2 correspond to have been defined via
 earlier calls to method DefaultRuleManager.addNamespace(prefix, uri).
+Entity Resolution
+The basic functionality previously provided for entity resolution has been
+* By default any attempt to access an external entity which has not
+  been explicitly mapped to some (presumably local) resource is regarded as a
+  fatal error. See setAllowUnknownExternalEntities
+* External DTDs can be ignored. Yes, this has dangers, but sometimes it is
+  necessary. See setIgnoreExternalDTD.
 The DefaultRuleManager (formerly RulesBase) now uses a more xpath-like 
@@ -128,9 +146,37 @@
   instance both re-entrant and thread-safe.
 * The two regulations above mean that an Action instance can now be used
   concurrently by multiple Digester instances (eg in a pool).
-* New methods startParse, endParse and bodySegment are provided, with empty
-  default implementations for specific Actions to override if they wish.
 * Deprecated methods have been removed.
+* Actions get "bodySegment" callbacks when their content is mixed
+  text and child elements. This allows Actions to process XHTML-style
+  markup input more easily.
+* Actions get a new "beginParse" callback when startDocument occurs.
+* method finish renamed to finishParse
+* The option now exists to specify the custom attr->property mapping via a
+  Map parameter, not just a pair of String arrays. This is much nicer.
+* hyphenated xml attribute names are now automatically mapped to camelCase,
+  eg some-attr="1" causes a call to setSomeAttr("1").
+* It is now possible to create DOM1 (ie non-namespaced) nodes and attributes
+  even when the parser being used is namespace-aware.
+* Namespace-aware elements and attributes are created by default
+* The implementation has changed; rather than redirecting the xml parser
+  to itself, the SAXHandler object is requested to forward ContentHandler
+  calls to itself. This has no externally-visible effect, but makes the
+  implementation much cleaner (esp. cleanup after a parse failure).
+* The ignoreCreateException functionality has been removed. I'm not sure
+  what use-cases it supports, or whether anybody actually uses it. The code
+  is rather complex and nasty, so if someone really needs this functionality
+  they can complain, and we can add it back in later with sufficient comments
+  to allow future maintainers to know when the feature is useful...
@@ -188,7 +234,6 @@
   This may require a quite different API for RuleManager, so that RuleManager
   is passed the actual Elements required, rather than a string representing
   just the current path.
-* implement the bodySegment callback for Actions
 * break up CallParamAction into multiple simpler actions
 * refactor CallMethodAction to clean up its constructor.
 * Fix rules that store data on themselves.
@@ -198,6 +243,6 @@
 * sort out schemaLocation/schemaLanguage mess.
 * support rules to handle processing instructions.
-* Add feature to default EntityResolver behaviour to block access to any
-  non-registered entities, unless user explicitly enables this.
+* look into moving from BeanUtils to Morph, as BeanUtils has a lot of
+  functionality we don't use.

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