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From Reid Pinchback <>
Subject Re: [digester] initial code for Digester2.0
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 04:45:34 GMT

--- Simon Kitching <> wrote:

> Supporting namespaces in an xml parser seems very simple to me. I think
> it much more likely that only antique and unmaintained parsers fail to
> support namespaces. And people who are determined to use antique and
> unmaintained parsers can just stick with digester 1.x as far as I am
> concerned. I'm not pushing for digester to remove non-namespace-aware
> support - just digester2!

Wow, that is an unexpectedly harsh reaction.  My reason for asking 
was simple, and I believe not unreasonable.   You were the one asking
for feedback on your proposal. 

Using the namespace-based API of an XML parser is known throughput substantially, 
covered in a host of Java xml mag articles, available from google searches, and
one or two of the Java performance tuning books still in distribution.  XML 
performance tuning is a tough area, and people continually struggle with it.
I don't recall the SAX-only stats, but I know that for DOM parsers you can 
shoot for an increase XML processing bandwidth by an order of magnitude through 
a change in parser and not using NS.  Antiqueness of parsers isn't the issue.

I think it helps to keep in mind that NS was intended as a way of creating 
name-resolution scopes that allow the merging of document structures from 
different origins that otherwise could experience element and attribute
name clashes.  When somebody has an application that doesn't require that 
kind of merging, and they aren't using a namespace-dependent XML technology 
like Soap or XMLSchma, then using using NS features of an NS parser can
be a burden without corresponding benefit.  Under the hood, that parser has 
to do a lot of work to continually manage the NS resolution of the node names.
It has no way of knowing that the work is pointless - you've told it to
assume that there is a point when you use the NS features.

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