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From James Rosen <>
Subject new development: java 5 annotations library
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 14:53:09 GMT
I've been thinking about starting a library of commonly-used java 5
annotations, and I thought it might be good to have it be part of a
commons project.
I first proposed the idea to the sandbox:annotations group, but that
project is really more of a substitute for java 5 annotations.  They
suggested I pitch it to the commons:Lang people.

Some possible annotations:
@TODO - a standardized TODO
@immutable - an instance-level tag that implies that only certain
methods (those marked @non-mutating, perhaps?) can be called on the
instance.  This could be enforced by a security manager at runtime or
by a pre-processor at compile-time.

I'd love to hear any further thoughts on the idea.

Thank you,
James Rosen

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