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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [logging] 1.0.5 release: plan update and bug review
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 22:16:42 GMT
back up and running now :)

i propose to take a branch for the 1.0.5 release as soon as the
outstanding matters have been discussed. this will free up head for
possible work either towards a 1.0.6 (with improved discovery) or a
major revision.

brian contributed the required documentation (many thanks) so all that i
have on my list now is to work out which bugs will be addressed for this
release. here's the analysed consensus from the wiki (thanks to dennis
for his review). please feel free to jump in and disagree if

in the event of no complaints, i propose to update bugzilla and take the
1.0.5 release branch some time after 2200GMT tomorrow (tuesday). anyone
with a problem with this plan should jump in now... 

- robert

Open Bugs

Bug 28291 LATER
     Classloader related, these issues will be addressed by later
Bug 30131 CLOSE
     This is related to httpclient example code but Dennis posted a
followup (with no response) and I've check the example code (which looks
ok to me).

Bug 30268 LATER
     Needs architectural changes

Bug 30632 CLOSE
     See 30131
Bug 32618 LATER
    The new proposal by IBM. 

Bug 32662 WONTFIX

Bug 32691 LATER
    General heading of improvements to API. (Needs a champion.)

Bug 33347 LATER
    API improvements. (Needs a champion.)

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