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From "Anaximandro (Woody)" <>
Subject [dbutils] component proposal
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 22:48:56 GMT
Hi folks, I dono if you are open for this idea or if this topic was already
discussed but let me explain:

I´m working on a project where I decide to use the "pattern" Data Transfer
Rowset (a fast lane reader) given by Marinescu on book EJB Design Patterns.
When I decided this (four months ago) I do some research and look for some
open source implementations but the only implementation I found was the sun
CachedRowset implementation (with SCSL license and, for java 1.4.2, the
sources is unavailable).

The version done by sun was done for use with java 1.4.2 (and I was using
WAS 4, with java 1.3.1!!!)
I faced many problems with this (and my envinronment) and, yet now, does not
exist a CachedRowset implementation ...

Months ago, when sun releases tiger, I try to see the sources looking for
the CachedRowsetImpl but this source is not given yet (and, as I see, never

I know there is another implementation, but is not open source too (is from
oracle, with huge bugs).

I think this is the right place to a component like this. I'm right?
I have some work done in this direction and wanna knows if can I help (with
hands on).



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