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From Dion Gillard <>
Subject Re: Commons Jelly RC1 and Maven : More than Magic
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 22:32:52 GMT
On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 22:48:20 +0100, Paul Libbrecht <> wrote:
> Le 5 janv. 05, à 20:56, Dion Gillard a écrit :
> >> Milind : At this point, I am guessing that RC2 is at least a month
> >> away?
> >> Will the jar and dist just work? Are there any other gotchas?
> Dion, for your info, RC1 source at
> had forgotten commonDeps.ent.

Ah. Has someone fixed the dist goal yet?

> This got reported on the list (only I fear) on Dec 21st.

That explains me missing it.

> Milind, this was quite a silly omission of our part and I don't expect
> that such a thing happens for RC2, please !!
That's for sure.

> > We have been hoping to get a particular bug (the GC of scripts) fixed
> > before RC2 was released.
> I seem not to have heard any other complaints about Jelly since my
> TagScript Tag-caching fix.

Paul, I haven't seen the fix. Can you post me a pointer to it or was
it committed to CVS?

> - Did everyone close to jelly test enough ?
Not me...

> - I have removed this method called setCacheTags(boolean)... was it
> actually ever used?
> - I have also removed TagScript.getTag() which would need ThreadLocal
> (and we don't want them)
> If both of these removals don't bother anyone, I'd close the issues and
> mark my changes. I wanted to have echoes !

I'd like some time to test it this week if that's ok.


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