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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [logging] Context management
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 21:20:16 GMT
hi mauro

am i right in thinking that you mean NDC (nested diagnostic context) 
rather than MDC?

as you might have noticed, there's quite a bit of debate at the moment 
about exactly where JCL should actually go.

in the beginning, it was easy. (well actually no, it wasn't easy or fun 
in many other ways but the basic concept was straightforward.) JCL 
would be a thin bridging layer for bricks presenting the bare bones 
functionality required.

even though it suffered from numerous technical imperfections, JCL 
became widely used not just as a solution to the original problem but 
also as a solution to a subtly different one: logging from what might 
loosely be termed enterprise components (large sub-systems which are 
complex enough to be regarded as applications in their own right but 
must be capable of deployment in a variety of environments as parts of 
larger applications). bricks are widely used in enterprise components 
and so this is an important use case for brick developers but 
enterprise components also have needs which bricks don't.

i suspect that a layer to abstract NDCs would be useful for enterprise 
components but not bricks. so, i'd be unlikely to commit any extension 
to JCL in this area. that's where my personal line is drawn. other may 
think differently.

i'd recommend choosing one of the following courses of action:

1. create a bug report and attach your code. join in the current debate 
and lobby for inclusion in JCL2.
2. create a project (at sourceforge, for example) aimed at extending 
JCL to solve problems common to enterprise components. i have high 
hopes that the new discovery code for JCL2 will be much more modular 
and allow others to tap into the same mechanism. if you go down this 
route, feel free to add a link to this new project to the wiki.

- robert

On 23 Jan 2005, at 17:08, Mauro Franceschini wrote:

> For my needs I've developed a series of patches to the standard 1.0.4
> commons-logging code base in order to make available the MDC (in the
> case of log4j) or ContextMap (in the case of logkit) to
> commons-logging using applications.
> How can I contribute to commons-logging codebase with this new 
> functions?
> Mauro.
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