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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [net] non-English FTP sites - the continuing saga
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 21:05:05 GMT
hi steve

may i suggest that you post a (concise) request for help on community?

- robert

On 6 Jan 2005, at 03:16, Steve Cohen wrote:

> We get these occasional requests that commons-net support ftp servers 
> with non-English dates.  I've created some functionality to implement 
> this.  I want to give it some real world testing.
> Ah, there's the rub, however.  You can't find these sites.  They 
> aren't publicly accessible.  I know.  I've harangued on this list, on 
> jakarta-general.  No one can point me at such a site.  One person 
> suggested the Apache mirrors.  A nice idea, but --- Ha! I looked and 
> looked.  Any site run by/for software engineers is going to follow the 
> standard - American English.  Most software engineers know enough 
> English to survive.  I went further.  I started googling for all sorts 
> of things "ftp francais", "ftp okt", etc.  I pored through the 
> listings.  Maybe 1 out of 10 shows me a real ftp site, which, once I 
> log on anonymously shows me the dates - in standard English!  It seems 
> that the only people who are customizing their FTP sites to work that 
> way are probably catering to non-technical users who might not be so 
> English-friendly.  But these must be typically private FTP sites.
> OK, thinks me.  I'll create my own stinking FTP server for testing.  I 
> have VMware on my linux box. Easy enough to install an old redhat 
> (9.0+ no longer supports FTP but 8.0 does) under vmware.  Configured 
> it to be French.  Got vsftpd running easily enough.  Of course, I 
> didn't think that would work, since none of the European sites I'd 
> been accessing were in anything other than English on the FTP 
> timestamps.  And that's what I got, too.  But I thought there must be 
> a configuration option for the server daemon to make this happen, 
> because as we know, there are SOME such sites.  But I couldn't find 
> one.
> OK, so apparently vsftpd does not support the i18n feature.  Does 
> anyone know of an ftp server that does?
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