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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [javaflow] test cases in junit?
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 00:55:09 GMT

thanks for the patch! I did apply some of
it ...see the comments inline

> Some notes:
> * The simplelog setup wasn't working at all for me for anything less
> than info, so I added log4j into the project.xml.  Works fine now.  Not
> sure if you were having a similar problem?  junit is also added to
> project.xml.

I would prefer not add an dependency to log4j.
Should be up to the user to provide the prefered

Just add


to your jvm startup and it should work fine.

> * There are some references to /home/tcurdt in .classpath.  I didn't
> touch them.  Does this even belong in svn?

Yeah, it's the eclipse classpath file.
Should be gone now.

> * I added a ContinuationException class that can be thrown to clients
> using this code instead of stuff like
> java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException that is dependent on the
> underlying bytecode toolkit.

That class was missing in your patch.
Besides I am wondering what you mean
by "dependand on the bytecode toolkit"?!

> * Added some serialVersionUID fields to Serializable classes.

This is only required when you need
versioning of serializable classes.
We don't need that.

> * The test case causes an exception to be thrown and tests for it, so be
> aware of that when you see the stacktrace in the output.

I've seen what you were trying in
the testcase. But that was not right.

Please have a look into the one I've
committed. Continueing from the very
same continuation is totally ok!

Keep the tree of continuations in mind!

> * In the TODO file, you mention something about removing the Continuable
> and ContinuationCapable marker interfaces.  Can you please elaborate on
> the reasons behind that?

The Continuable marks classes that should be
rewritten. The ContinuationCapable mark classes
that have been rewritten. IMO this can all go

We could define that on a package scope. E.g.
via regexp.

Going for a decend callflow analyses would even
figure out the needed rewrites by itself. Might
be some work though...

> Just starting off small for now - more soon.

Cool bananas!


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