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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [jelly] Maven JSL memory leak and Jelly
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 11:35:27 GMT

I did some testing and can confirm that the current site generation 
memory leak occurs here:

        <j:file name="${outFile}" encoding="${outputencoding}"
          omitXmlDeclaration="true" outputMode="xml"
-->          <j:include uri="${stylesheet.toString()}"/>

If I remove the include, nothing is leaked. So, while this is obviously 
a whole lot of additional Jelly (actually, its this:;

it is just Jelly - nothing about Maven's context creation AFAICT.

j:include does a context.runScript(uri, output, isExport(), 
isInherit()); which is when the caching occurs, right?

So are there any further ideas about where the leak is? IS it the JSL 
used in site.jsl, the j:include itself, or something else? Do you need 
me to do more narrowing down within site.jsl or does someone have a hunch?


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