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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs] sandbox VFS
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 13:14:55 GMT
St├ęphane Rault wrote:
> I'm trying to use the wonderful VFS. It works quite well but I've a 
> problem with writing in zip file. Searching for informations, I wonder 
> if VFS is still a live project and if sometimes, it will leave the 
> sandbox to become a complete Jakarta-Common project ? I want to use it 
> in a professionnal application and I need to be sure the project goes 
> on (I can't really maintain all that code alone but I can help if 
> necessary).
Well, VFS is alive in a manner that I try to fix major problems and 
reported bugs.

I decided to go in small steps as I use it in our project as replacement (where possible) and thus have to ensure its 
stability. Currently I feel very comfortable about its stability.

As soon as I have more time I would like to implement something like 

You are right, I too think its time to discuss a plan how to migrate it 
to commons proper - I planed to poll for it in a couple of months. Not 
sure what the community thinks about it.


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