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From Matthijs Wensveen <>
Subject Re: [vfs] LocalFile package-protected and final: why?
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 16:20:19 GMT
Brian Oxley wrote:

> [A quick meta-question: is this list the right place for technical 
> questions of this sort?  I don't want to spam the uninterested.]
> Mario Ivankovits wrote:
>> Before I decide to make it public (and non final) could you please 
>> explain in short what you try to do?
> I'm working to persuade my group to drop an inhouse implementation of 
> a hierarchy and switch to VFS's 
> FileName/FileObject instead.  We have a mess; you have a clean design.
I've been thinking about extending to implement vfs-alike 
functionality. Are there any good reasons not to do this (other then 
that commons-vfs is already available)? Having a subclass of would allow you to use your objects with 3rd party 
components and other java classes that work with files too.
How impossible would it be to have subclasses as wrappers 
around vfs?

Just some random thoughts. Regards,

PS. I hope this answers your meta-question :)

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