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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [Jakarta Commons Wiki] New: SigningReleases
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 06:54:22 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
>>phil's a bit shy (honest ;) but he's chomping at the bit to create a 
>>release guide for mavenized ASF products based on the jakarta commons 
>>one. originally, he was talking about improving the JC release manager 
>>stuff. however, it sounds to me like it might be better hosted over in 
>>mavenland (or even at the federation level).
> I agree. I think adding general documentation in Maven is appropriate (I've been
> working on this recently, but haven't gotten to the release stuff, so
> contributions are welcome).
> I think adding something to the federation level that talks about ASF specifics
> and references other documentation is appropriate.
> - Brett

I am definitely willing to help. I started revising the j-c release 
manager stuff to include maven instructions.  The beginnings are still 
here <>.  I also committed 
some shell scripts to /committers/tools to automate the signing, 
verification and creation of symlinks. I worked on this stuff a little 
more over the holidays but held off posting / doing anything more when 
Robert stepped up to work on release docs for ASF in general.  The 
conclusions that I came to fiddling with the j-c RM guide are:

1) It would be better to have separate guides (or fully separate 
sections) for maven and ant. The ant guide needs to be updated to 
reflect the new site build, changed locations and a few other things 
(most of which I have completed). Automation of some of the many shell 
commands -- either using scripts or Ant itself, would also be a big 
improvement, as would be a "Windows version."  Best would be to automate 
  everything using Ant itself, since this eliminates platform 
dependency. Contributions are welcome here.

2) A real maven expert (Brett ;) could probably figure out how to 
automate almost everything in a way that could be reused across all 
maven-built projects. Including the signing, hashing and verification in 
the maven build would be great. I agree with Robert that this probably 
belongs in the maven community.  I am willing to help in any case, 
either working on plugins to get things to work or documenting how to 
use maven to cut releases.


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