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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject [net] Submission of Configurable Timestamp parsing for FTP Listings
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2005 03:39:52 GMT
I have just checked in a significant and hopefully useful implementation 
of configurable timestamp parsing for reading lists from FTP servers.

More documentation should be forthcoming.  For now, my submissions 
include reasonably complete javadocs.

The basic implementation is as follows:
Users who need to access FTP servers which use non-standard (i.e. 
non-en_US) date formats for listing timestamps will create
a FTPClientConfig() object containing all the settings they need
to configure the object, and pass this object to FTPClient by
means of a new method FTPClient.configure(FTPClientConfig config).

Then all the usual listFiles() methods work as before.

The date parsing is done using exclusively standard java methods 
involving SimpleDateFormat and associated objects.

Users may configure their parsers with non-standard date formats,
names of months in languages other than English either by ISO-639 
two-letter language codes or directly, using a string such as 

Significantly, it is now also possible to pass in a Time Zone to the 
configuration which should be a help to Ant users who want to use the 
timestamps as part of dependency checking.

New internal junit tests are included, and the old ones, mostly 
unmodified, still pass.  The only modifications were in a couple of 
places where I felt the old tests were too strict, that is, slavish
following of the regex, for example, case-sensitive month names (the 
java methods are case-insensitive and why not allow that?)

However, the proof of this pudding is in the eating, and I would like 
someone to provide me with a couple of non-English FTP sites that are 
publicly accessible so that I may test my code against the real world.

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