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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Commons Jelly RC1 and Maven : More than Magic
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 23:18:38 GMT

Le 5 janv. 05, à 23:45, Brett Porter a écrit :
>> If both of these removals don't bother anyone, I'd close the issues 
>> and
>> mark my changes. I wanted to have echoes !
> Maven 1.1-SNAPSHOT works with RC2. However, it doesn't appear to have 
> made a
> dent in memory usage.

I would presume maven's usage will not much be affected by the fix 
which was about things that would use repetitively a given script.

> Do we need to upgrade commons-jelly-tags-jsl etc as well? Do any 
> changes need to be made to jsl to take advantage of the core fixes?
> The site generation seems to be the only place that memory leaks out 
> these days.
> But honestly, I haven't done any in depth testing of why that is.

No, there was no fix made there.
common-jelly-tags-xml was affected though.


PS: sadly the unit-test that's committed in but excluded and should 
testify that it's working seems to be affected by some other effects. I 
tried profiling it and really got piles of java.util.Vector (really, 
where do they come from ??) and char[].
It would be nice if a person more knowledgeable in profiling might give 
it a look. From such a report, I tend to believe that there may be some 
accumulation close to the output but I couldn't track this well.

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