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Subject svn commit: r149051 - /jakarta/commons/sandbox/javaflow/trunk/TODO
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:43:41 GMT
Author: tcurdt
Date: Sat Jan 29 07:43:40 2005
New Revision: 149051

updated what's on the table


Modified: jakarta/commons/sandbox/javaflow/trunk/TODO
--- jakarta/commons/sandbox/javaflow/trunk/TODO	(original)
+++ jakarta/commons/sandbox/javaflow/trunk/TODO	Sat Jan 29 07:43:40 2005
@@ -1,8 +1,44 @@
+In no particular order:
 o integrate just4log into the build system
 o website
 o testcases!!!!
-o documentation of the rewriting process
-o research: asm implementation instead of BCEL
+o documentation of the rewriting process.
+  maybe re-evaluate and talk to the RIFE
+  guys about joining forces
+o make the Stack class use a hierarchical
+  approach to support differential continuations
+o make the Stack and Continuation classes
+  serializable. (make sure all dynamics are
+  handled through the context object. what
+  about logging?)
+o get rid of the Continuable and ContinuationCapable
+  marker interfaces
 o fix bugs:
   o use of "suspend" in constructors
   o inner classes
+o implement an ANT task for build time class
+  rewriting (already have something on my disk)
+o addition to async ContinuationCompilingClassLoader
+  also re-implement the old sync behaviour in the
+  ContinuationClassLoader
+o change the ClassTransform interface to
+  be byte-code library independend
+  byte[] transform( final InputStream is ) or
+  byte[] transform( byte[] clazz )
+  o check whether we need two passes
+    1. parsing
+    2. rewriting
+  o maybe only wrap the function calls
+    that may lead to a suspend (control
+    flow analysis)
+  o asm implementation instead of BCEL
+  o push some bug fixes in BCEL
+  o get rid of the static repository approach
+o talk to the aspectwerkz and aspectj folks
+  about working together

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