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Subject Re: Proposal for a new Commons personalization package
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 19:54:32 GMT

I think we are generating some good discussions here, and I wanted to thank
everybody for their input, in particular to those who have volunteered to
help with development :).  I wanted to re-emphasize a couple points:

- The personalization components will rely on the Preferences API for user
and configuration data. But to make personalization decisions in an
application you also need Business Logic. The core of this proposal is to
create these personalization rules as an encapsulation of the
personalization logic, and to make them configurable and reusable
throughout the application. The article takes this configuration idea even
further, by allowing you to configure the implementation class for a given
rule declaratively.

- In regard to the HttpServletRequest dependency. In the article I mention
that in order to make personalization decisions you need to know who the
user is, and that the HttpServletRequest is a way of obtaining that
knowledge. The HttpServletRequest example was a simplification since the
article was targeted to web applications (my mistake for not pointing this
out in the proposal) but the API doesn't need to be dependent on the
Servlet API.

- I believe that the development community needs a lightweight approach to
personalization, that should not rely on portal containers. I don't see a
reason for portals being a requirement for personalization.
Personalization/customization is needed in any type of Java application.

Daniel H. Vlad

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