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Subject Re: Proposal for a new Commons personalization package
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 15:20:02 GMT

I just wanted to point out that these personalization components can be
used for non web applications as well. There is no technology out there to
personalize Swing clients, applets, non-visual Java clients, wireless
applications, in addition to Web applications.
Not all applications are portals, in fact the opposite is probably true:
only a minority of the applications being built today are portals. So, why
restricting the use of personalization to portals only?
That is why I believe that these components would be a good fit for Jakarta

Daniel H. Vlad

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I would say that on balance this doesn't strike me as a commons component.
Commons components should be small and isolated in scope. This proposal
covers a specific file format and forces a use of tag libraries.

I can see various possibilities for it:
- Host at sourceforge
- Try Jakarta Taglibs project - by focussing on the taglibs aspect, and
potentially reusing other tags there, you may have more success
- Try to build a community focussed on small interoperating parts commonly
used in web applications, eg. by adding a logon component, a user


----- Original Message -----
From: "Craig McClanahan" <>
>A couple of comments:
> * You might want to add to the proposal an answer to the
>  likely most frequently asked question -- how does your
>  approach compare/contrast/deal with the preferences
>  APIs in JDK 1.4 (the java.util.prefs package)?
> * Is there anyone other than yourself who has expressed
>  interest in working on this?  Packages with a single
>  developer tend to have more problems attracting a
>  community.  (And yes, this is definitely a "chicken
>  and egg" sort of problem :-).
> Craig
> On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 11:52:18 -0500,
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently authored an article for Java Developer's Journal where I
>> describe a set of reusable components for web application
>> personalization.
>> I found these components to be very useful, and I thought it will be
>> beneficial to create a new Jakarta Commons package for personalization
>> components. The design and the code presented in the article can be
>> enhanced to add functionality and make these components more powerful.
>> Please take a look at the enclosed proposal and let me know what you
>> think.
>> I added a link to the JDJ article (Section (2) of the proposal) for your
>> reference.
>> Regards,
>> Daniel Vlad
>> Proposal for a new Commons Personalization package
>> (0)  rationale
>> Personalization is a major requirement for many web applications, yet
>> most
>> developers still implement these requirements by intermixing
>> personalization logic with application code and even hard-coding
>> personalization requirements directly in JSP.
>> Most of the personalization solutions in the industry target Portlet
>> development, and they are not appropriate for standalone web
>> applications.
>> A set of lightweight, framework-independent, reusable personalization
>> components can provide significant benefits to application development:
>> -  decouple personalization-related code from the rest of the
>> application,
>> thus simplifying the application maintenance.
>> -  centralize the management of the personalization rules, ensuring
>> application consistency.
>> -  simplify web application development by shifting the complex task of
>> web
>> application personalization from Java developers to Web page authors.
>> -  improve the performance of the application by caching the outcomes of
>> the personalization decisions.
>> (1)  scope of the package
>> The package will create a set of reusable components to decouple
>> personalization rules from the rest of the application logic and to
>> centralize the management of these rules.
>> Personalization rules will be defined and configured in an XML
>> configuration file. An application will invoke these components either
>> programmatically or through JSP tags.
>> Web pages will be personalized by using custom JSP tags that evaluate
>> personalization rules and decide what personalized content to be
>> displayed
>> to various users.
>> (1.5)  interaction with other packages
>> The package will use the following external packages:
>> Commons Digester - to parse the personalization XML file
>> Commons Logging - for logging
>> (2)  identify the initial source for the package
>> The initial codebase will be contributed by Daniel H. Vlad, and it is
>> based
>> on the article "Personalize Your Web Applications", authored by Daniel
>> and
>> published as a Cover Story in Java Developer's Journal, December 2004,
>> pages 34-40.
>> Article URL:
>> Pdf download:
>> The code base from the JDJ article will be re-designed and enhanced to:
>> -  add content rules, rules that dynamically decide the content that
>> should
>> be displayed to users. This can be accomplished, for example, by
>> categorizing users in groups using grouping criteria and mapping these
>> user
>> groups on content items using an XML mapping file.
>> -  add caching to improve performance.
>> (2.1)  identify the base name for the package
>> org.apache.commons.personalization
>> (2.2)  identify the coding conventions for this package
>> Sun coding conventions
>> (3)  identify any Jakarta-Commons resources to be created
>> (3.1)  mailing list
>> Until traffic justifies, the package will use the Jakarta-Commons list
>> for
>> communications.
>> (3.2)  CVS repositories
>> For the time being, the package will use a root branch of the
>> Jakarta-Commons CVS.
>> (3.3)  Bugzilla
>> The package should be listed as a component of under the Jakarta-Commons
>> Bugzilla entry.
>> (4)  identify the initial set of committers to be listed in the Status
>> File.
>> Daniel H. Vlad
>> other committers
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