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Subject [feedparser]Feedparser maturity
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 03:02:47 GMT

I'm thinking of using feedparser as the base of a syndication project,
i've already used informa, after getting comfortable with it, issues such
as dtd handling and international characters cropped up. Switched to rome,
however, no hibernate support is there, have already done the hibernate
mapping for common objects for rome however some bugs are still but then
just saw feedparser.

Wondering, how flexible is feedparser in parsing malformed or slightly
inaacurate feeds, is it as flexible as universal feed parser, if there is
no dtd, "it's ok, just carry on processing"?. Another thing, couldn't get
feedparser working, the maven dependencies are either incomplete or

Anyway, i would love to work on feedparser. The event model is an
interesting way to go about parsing.


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