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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Commons Jelly RC1 and Maven : More than Magic
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 22:45:10 GMT
Quoting Paul Libbrecht <>:

> Dion, for your info, RC1 source at
> had forgotten commonDeps.ent.
> This got reported on the list (only I fear) on Dec 21st.
> Milind, this was quite a silly omission of our part and I don't expect 
> that such a thing happens for RC2, please !!

Well, no, because it is gone :)

But I haven't checked to see if whatever is used to build the dist will now
include the correct parent project.xml files, so note that for testing when the
release happens :)

> If both of these removals don't bother anyone, I'd close the issues and 
> mark my changes. I wanted to have echoes !

Maven 1.1-SNAPSHOT works with RC2. However, it doesn't appear to have made a
dent in memory usage.

Do we need to upgrade commons-jelly-tags-jsl etc as well? Do any changes need to
be made to jsl to take advantage of the core fixes?
The site generation seems to be the only place that memory leaks out these days.
But honestly, I haven't done any in depth testing of why that is.


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