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From "Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <>
Subject Re: commons-logging auto-detection WAS: [logging] Enterprise
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 08:45:35 GMT
Matt Sgarlata <> writes:

>I think often JCL will be used as you describe, but not always.

>For example, let's say I am developing a component that monitors 
>database activity and monitors usage statistics (this is a hypothetical 
>example).  The main purpose of this component is to log messages to be 
>processed later by a human.  I use JCL and put a 
> in my org.dbmonitor package that says "use 
>Log4J and display INFO and higher messages".

>This component may be deployed in many different environments.  Here are 
>two examples:
>1) Standalone on a server.  In this case, the default settings specified 
>at the component level should be used.

In this case, your standalone app should integrate the org.dbmonitor
component with a small runtime and a JCL config file.

>2) As a component of another application.  In this case, the overall 
>application specifies logging properties that overwrite those in the 
>component.  To do this, the application specifies a 
> in the default package, which overwrites the 
>properties specified at the component level.  In this example, the 
>application chooses it only wants WARN and higher messages and that it 
>wants the messages rendered with JDK 1.4 logging.

In this case, your application, which integrates the org.dbmonitor
component should configure logging for it.

IMHO, it is not possible to find an "one size fits all" solution which
allows a component to be integrated seamlessly and to be used


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