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From Matt Sgarlata <>
Subject Re: [proposal] avoiding jar version nightmares
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2004 16:32:40 GMT
Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Matt Sgarlata wrote:
>> This seems to me that this isn't just a problem with commons; it is a 
>> problem with Java itself that .NET already has a very nice solution 
>> for.  I'm wondering if this isn't something that should be taken care 
>> of at the JVM level i.e. - in Java 1.6.  The obvious solution seems to 
>> be that we need to fix classloaders.  They're already a huge nightmare 
>> in EJB containers.
>> How do we go about petitioning Sun for something like this?
> Isn't the isolate API (JSR 121) supposed to address this issue ?

It looks like more information can be found here

Unfortunately, I personally find the page incomprehensible.  It sounds 
like maybe it will address these issues, but it seems like their focus 
is more on enhancing performance through multitasking than it is on 
solving JAR dependency nightmares.  Is there anyone that can comprehend 
that page? ;)

I see in section 2.11 that the goal was to include the specification in 
J2SE 1.5.  I guess it didn't make it.  Does that mean the spec is dead?

> Emmanuel Bourg


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