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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] commons-jelly-SNAPSHOT.jar on ibilio is old ?
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 21:12:09 GMT

Le 19 déc. 04, à 00:25, Brett Porter a écrit :

> SNAPSHOT actually shouldn't be there. As far as the ASF repo goes, it  
> has been recommended to use for  
> SNAPSHOTs and for releases  
> (Which is mirrored to ibiblio).

I see no recent snapshots there.
Do I understand, however, that this is the way to go in the future ?
I'm a bit surprised but maybe I have skipped reading something.

> As far as Maven goes, we are discussing actually codifying separate  
> repositories for snapshots and releases, but haven't resolved it  
> completely yet. Of course, you are able to do this by picking the  
> appropriate properties depending on the release type, eg:
> parent/
> then run
> maven -Dmaven.repo.list=apachecvs jar:deploy-snapshot
> for example.
> As far as correcting it on ibiblio - it can be updated by dropping it  
> into java-repository, or a decision made to remove it. I'm not sure if  
> deletes are propogated - if not, then we can help you out - probably  
> best to make a "MAVENUPLOAD" JIRA request.

Well, I'm worried about others receiving jelly, having downloaded  
maven... trying to build and run a demo (say "maven demo:swing" in  
jelly/jelly-tags/swing)... and getting something as bad as a missing  
method because the snapshot was downloaded from ibiblio and is deadly  

For things to run smoothly, then, we need to change maven.repo.remote  
in (for example in jelly-swing's  
after having made sure that the gump nightly goes on this snapshot.

Is this correct ?


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