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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject Re: [logging] Enterprise Common Logging... dare we say 2.0?
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2004 21:19:41 GMT

On Dec 18, 2004, at 2:18 PM, Richard Sitze wrote:

>> +1.  Just because the JDK 1.4 log does this, doesn't mean that we have
>> to enforce this behavior on all logging implementations.  Why not just
>> leave it generic?  If someone wants enter/exit methods, they can 
>> define
>> their own:
>> public static void enter(Log log, Class clazz, String method);
>> public static void exit(Log log, Class clazz, String method);
> The proposal is for more than a the simple helper methods, it is for 
> the
> [potential] underlying implementation below.  Where possible, these 
> be mapped to a finer level than 'debug', but not as fine as 'trace'.
> By naming them 'enter/exit' instead of 'finer', we encourage their use 
> in
> a particular fashion...  if you feel that such strong "best-practice"
> enforcement is inappropriate, then let's not throw the dog [and I know
> it's a dog ;)] out with the bath water.
> We'd like at least one more trace level, see below.

Maybe the tension is a manifestation of the problem of trying to assign 
one common severity to entering and exiting messages.  Some entries 
have to be more significant than others, the only mechanism to 
distinguish them in the JSR-47 is to not instrument the less 
significant entry points.

Maybe adding a

entering(Level level, String...)

The JSR-47 adapter could map this the JSR's entering if level was the 
equivalent of FINER or lower and fabricate a similar message if the 
level were higher than finer.

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