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From Thomas Dudziak <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Moving commons-sql to (repost)
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 11:00:27 GMT
Henning Schmiedehausen wrote:

>As I said before: I'm +1 for moving to Apache DB. But I'd like it to go
>through incubation to get these points cleared up. I'd love to nuke
>torque-gen in the long run if commons-sql evolves to be a solid
>foundation for an OJB _and_ Torque code/SQL generator. So everyone wins.
>Incubation can help with this.
>If commons-sql moves directly to DB, there will be a fixed set of
>committers and pressure (from OJB) to "get a release out". And if this
>one is locked into being OJB centric, then me (as a Torque guy) don't
>even start looking into the project. 
>Incubation IMHO can help the Torque _and_ the OJB people to find a
>common ground.
Hmm, I'd love to see a common component that is used by both OJB and 
Torque, but by putting commons-sql into Incubation I don't think this 
would be happening anytime soon. Right now, commons-sql nearly does all 
that OJB requires (support for some additional databases like Derby is 
missing), and Incubation would - for OJB - only mean that commons-sql's 
adoption in OJB will be postponed. Other than this, there will be no 
lock-in into OJB, basically because OJB itself does not have a lot of 
requirements regarding commons-sql. In the end, it only needs a 
component to create/alter a database according to an XML schema, and 
that this is also possible at runtime (i.e. controlled by a Java app).
Also, I think that Incubation would require Torque developers (even more 
so than OJB developers), because most additional requirements likely 
come from Torque, not OJB, especially if commons-sql is slated to be 
merged with/replace torque-gen.

In case the general vote for moving commons-sql is positive, I would 
prefer to have it as a normal project (or a sandbox project if there is 
something like this in db) and initially give commit rights to all OJB 
and Torque committers. IMO this would make it easier (and less 
bureaucratic than with Incubation) to enhance commons-sql, e.g. by 
defining these requirements, writing tests and then creating/adopting 
the functionality.


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