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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [configuration] File locator
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 11:24:33 GMT
Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:

>>If we have Loccators,  IMO there is no need to keep the base path and 
>>file name stuff in file based configurations. These are things a 
> +1 !

-1 to remove the file name from the method signature, I'll explain 
later. +1 to remove the base path, but I haven't figured how to do it 
yet ;) Using the base path as a locator parameter, just like the 
classloader for the ClasspathLocator is most likely the solution. But it 
doesn't fit well with the LocatorUtils.getDefaultLocator() method.

> +1.  With throws, please. We will have to deal with exceptions anyway
> and it is the job of the application to do so.

I'm not sure about that, I had no need for exceptions in my 
implementation, when I dealt with exception it meant the file could not 
be located, and the locator returned a null URL.

An alternative is to throw a ConfigurationNotFound exception extending 
ConfigurationException instead of returning null, but I'm not fond of this.

> Yes. But in this case, I want to have a C'tor which takes the
> parameters directly.

I agree for the same reasons, it's nice to be "digester friendly" with 
setters, but that doesn't prevent us from adding a non empty 
constructor. It may even be possible to make digester use the 
constructor directly with a specific rule (if it doesn't already exist).

> and have the configuration classes take a Locator object in its
> C'tor. But Emmanuel does not like this.

Indeed, as I explained, once you write

new MyConcreteLocator("basepath", "file")

The locator is no longer a strategy to locate the file, it becomes an 
object defining the location of the file (i.e it could replace the URL). 
The same strategy should also be reusable for several configurations, 
and this is not possible once the file name is bound to the locator, the 
locator must remain "stateless".

Emmanuel Bourg

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