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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [math] 1.0 changes to support JDK 1.3
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 09:24:05 GMT
I don't think it really matters if the test cases require the JDK 1.4, 
it's just important to keep the main code JDK 1.3 compatible.

Emmanuel Bourg

Al Chou wrote:
> --- Phil Steitz <> wrote:
>>I just discovered that we have some JDK 1.4 dependencies in the 1.0 
>>release code.  I would like to make the following changes to allow 
>>compilation on 1.3. Diffs showing the changes are at the bottom of this 
>>1) Eliminate the use of JDK 1.4 exception nesting in 
>>MatrixIndexException, InvalidMatrixException (making these exceptions no 
>>longer support nesting).
>>2) Eliminate use of java.beans.Expression in CertifiedDataAbstractTest
>>3) Move BeanTransformer and BeanTransformerTest to /experimental (they 
>>are both in /test now).
>>These changes will allow compilation on 1.3, but 
>>MathExceptionTest.testSerialization will fail because the stack traces 
>>are not serialized.  To fix this, we need to implement custom 
>>serialization and I personally am OK with either deferring this to 1.1 
>>or leaving as is.
>>If there are no objections, I will commit these changes and push forward 
>>with the release.
> Sounds good, Phil.  Way to go!

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