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From Chris Lambrou <>
Subject Re: [collections] InvokerClosure
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 02:34:19 GMT
Actually, I misunderstood your original suggestion a little. It's quite 
late here in England!

Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> What prevents the debugging of a library 1.3 compatible with a 1.5 
> source ? The line numbers don't match ?
Yeah, pretty much. But there are a number of other little things that 
either wouldn't work, or would work badly.  Consider an IDE that doesn't 
yet support Java 1.5 syntax (pretty common, at the moment). At best, the 
syntax highlighting would look awkward in places.  But an IDE's code 
parser could fail to the extent that code navigation would be impaired. 
i.e. the ability to browse to a item's declaration or usage would no 
longer function.  I admit it's not the end of the world. Actually, if 
implemented nicely, the tool could simply expand the 1.5 syntax clauses 
into 1.4 valid code, in which case the problems I've described would 
largely go away.  It could well be a useful tool.

In essence, we define a subset of the 1.5 language features to be 
supported, and provide a source code preprocessor that can convert this 
1.5 source back to valid 1.4 source, then compile as normal.  It could 
prove useful, but to be worthwhile it would have to tackle more than 
just the new for loop constructs. Okay, we might not go as far as 
supporting generics, but how about auto-boxing/unboxing and vararg 
method declarations?  It sounds like a potentially useful side project, 
run at SourceForge perhaps? My guess is that there are people out there 
working on this sort of thing already, so perhaps some hunting around is 
in order.


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