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From Ryan Christianson <>
Subject patch for jelly-tags-interaction
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 22:12:18 GMT
Apologies i sent this to the commons-user site first.

I've attached a patch to the commons-jelly-tags-interaction jar. This
patch makes it so the interaction task will try to use jline:

Jline makes it so a java console will have tab completion, and
history, and other goodies.

This is great, because the maven-console plugin uses the
commons-jelly-tags-interaction jar. So if you update the
commons-jelly-tags-interaction jar, and then tell the maven console
plugin to use the new jar, then your maven console will have history,
and tab completion.

I've set it up to remember all of the commands typed in any console,
further it uses that history as the tab completion source - so you can
tab complete past commands.

I've tested this in windows and it works great, but in windows with
cygwin, it doesn't do the fancy completion, but still works.

By the way, in windows, jline's lib doesn't support arrows for
history, so use CONTROL+P and CONTROL+N.

Its possible that there might be a better way to integrate jline into
this lib, i've just done what looked like the quickest way to get it
working so my maven console would have history and tab completion.
Maybe this feature could be enabled with a tag attribute?



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