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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: Jakarta Commons Structure rehashed
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 04:13:02 GMT

In message <>, Henri Yandell writes:
>On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 00:00:20 +1300, Simon Kitching
><> wrote:
>> svn 1.1 (released 2004-09-29) supports "symbolic links". Perhaps that
>> would resolve the issue by allowing us to (manually) build an
>> alternative directory containing just symbolic links to the "trunk"
>> directory of each subproject? Of course whenever a new subproject was
>> created, a symbolic link would need to be manually added - but that is
>> no great problem. Possibly that could even be automated; I'm willing to
>> try to get that working.
>Cool. I knew such a feature was in the planning but hadn't realised it
>was out yet. I'm +1 on option A + sym-links or script depending on
>which feels best.
>As long as there's a simple way to check out the head of all of commons :)

I haven't read the entire thread, but if I understand what's being
discussed, checking in symbolic links won't do what you want (assuming
we're talking about ln -s symbolic links).  Setting the svn:externals
property will do what I think you're talking about.  For example, you
could set svn:externals in a directory to:


That way when you check out the directory, subdirectories lang, math,
etc. are created with the contents of the urls checked out.

I prefer the idea of using a script instead because it's more flexible
for doing things like checking out personalized subsets of commons.
Anyway, I may have misunderstood the intent from the get go.

I also prefer the flatter layout:

I can't offer a reason why it's technically better because it just
amounts to personal preference.  Also, I see how doing having
proper/ and sandbox/ parent trees makes certain things easier
(like generating commit message subject headers).  However, it does
make it easier to check out the trunk of commons all at once.  I'm
sure I missed the original discussion about this, so don't reraise the
issue on my account.  It doesn't really matter anyway because layouts
can be changed after the fact if there's some compelling reason to do
so.  I only wanted to convey the bit about svn:externals vis a vis
symbolic links since it caught my eye.


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