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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: Commons Mapper: scope/roadmap?
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2004 01:52:03 GMT
There aren't any reusable implementations that I can think of.  What do
you picture the Hibernate mapper implementation looking like?

The idea is that your app talks to the Mapper API which is implemented as
sql, hibernate, etc.  However, each implementation will be very specific
to your app.  For example you might have a SqlPersonMapper that knows how
to work with your Person db table using JDBC and then switch to using an
HqlPersonMapper without the app. knowing because it uses the Mapper
interface (or an extended PersonMapper sub-interface).

Mapper really saved me on one project where we designed a new db schema
and wrote a bunch of code to access it and then mgmt. decided to use the
old schema at the last minute.  All I had to do was implement the mappers
differently and the rest of the app. never changed.


--- Max Rudman <> wrote:

> I've just discovered Commons Mapper project and would like to 
> contribute. I built my own abstraction layer for Hibernate but would 
> love to move to Mapper instead. I looked through current documentation 
> and have a couple of questions.
> 1) Are specific implementations within the scope of this project? You 
> mention several data mapping technologies (such as Hibernate, iBATIS, 
> etc.) in project overview but I saw no specific implementations in the 
> JavaDocs API. As I said, I have experience with Hibernate and would 
> like to contribute in providing Hibernate Mapper implementation (if 
> this is something that needs to be done).
> 2) Is query API something you envision being part of this package? 
> Specifically, a Query-By-Example API which I found to be very useful in 
> enterprise application development where one often needs to have the 
> ability to search for records with flexible (dynamic) WHERE clause. 
> Hibernate package provides such an API but obviously it is specific to 
> their implementation and it would be nice to have the abstraction layer 
> against that functionality as well.
> This is my first time inquiring about contributing to Jakarta Commons 
> so I apologize in advance if I am doing something inappropriate. I did 
> search through both user and dev mailing list archives but couldn't 
> find any information on the topics above.
> Thanks in advance,
> Max
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