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Subject [Jakarta Commons Wiki] New: Betwixt/0.6.1ReleasePlan
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 09:50:20 GMT
   Date: 2004-12-15T01:50:20
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Jakarta Commons Wiki
   Page: Betwixt/0.6.1ReleasePlan

   no comment

New Page:

= Betwixt 0.6.1 Release Plan =

This is a point release which fixes an important bug and also adds some useful new features.

== Status ==

Just an idea ;)


= Pre Release =

Review of issues in Bugzilla and formulation of a plan about which will be address for this

== CVS ==

A new release branch (RELEASE_0_6_1_BRANCH) will be taken. This will allow development to
continue on CVS HEAD without risking the stability of the release. Release candidates and
releases will be cut from this branch. 

== Documentation ==

Documentation patches welcome ;)


= Release =

== Release Candidate ==

A release candidate will be produced and time allowed for it to be reviewed. 

== Release Notes ==

The task list should suffice.


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