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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [net] Push for 1.3.0 release
Date Sat, 04 Dec 2004 02:34:45 GMT
I, too, am inclined to be +1 on this, but I have one question I'd like you to 
answer first, Rory.  What are the minor date handling issues fixed in 
FTPClient as opposed to the "major" enhancement which I suppose is the design 
issue I started here a couple of months ago? (And haven't continued because I 
didn't have the time).

I may be available to help a little on the release but I am glad to see you 
take the lead on this because I don't have that kind of time these days.  If 
there's anything you'd like me to help you with, let me know and I'll see 
what I can do.

On Friday 03 December 2004 10:15 am, Rory Winston wrote:
> I started a thread re: this a few weeks back, but didn't
> get any replies, so here goes again...
> I think we should push out a 1.3.0 release pre-xmas. There are
> many, many enhancements and fixes, and also a new component in HEAD.
> Some of the highlights:
> * Many javadoc fixes (mostly courtesy of Daniel)
> * A new SNTP/NTP component
> * Some minor date handling issues in FTPClient
> * Configurable buffer size for FTP data transfers
> * The addition of message threading to NNTPClient
> * Consistency in the way we handle encoding in FTP
> * Some fixes to build.xml
> * Minor fixes to TFTP
> * A suite of POP3 tests
> * Some changes to facilitate compilation under Java 5.0
> * Fix for TelnetClient zombie thread issue
> And there are more, but this is mainly it. I think this is more than
> enough to qualify for a release - the major outstanding enhancement
> (date handling functionality in FTPClient), we should save till
> the next release - its going to take a good deal of time.
> Let's get this one out!
> Cheers,
> Rory
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