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From Dion Gillard <>
Subject Re: [jelly] documentation on all tags
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:00:35 GMT
On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:55:38 +0100, Paul Libbrecht <> wrote:
> I like it also.
> One other good place would be pop-up-menu with the names of the tags
> (and, in brackets, the taglib name) which would allow one to click
> there and find directly. A complement to the find-as-you-type.
> Two little comments:
> - I presume it's a normal "youth" bug that clicking antlr:antlr
> highlights all tags thereafter, or ?

That tag hasn't been documented, and that and all the rest point to
the example.html doc.

> - The following text bothers me, it is in ant:ant:
> >  Any tag not defined in the Jelly tag library for Ant is assumed to be
> > an Ant task, target  or datatype. When Jelly tries to execute an
> > undefined tag, it looks for an Ant task, target or datatype to match
> > the tag name, and if found, matches the tag's attributes to the Ant
> > element's attributes, as Ant would.
> It may actually be somewhere in the Ant tag library but it is
> fundamentally wrong, it seems to refer to the
> default-no-namespace-policy of maven (which, to me, is an
> oversimplification).

It doesn't refer to the default namespace of Maven. It refers to the
way the ant taglibrary works. That may need some extra detail so it's
obvious that it's any undefined tag in the ant namespace.

> It is wrong as jelly does not do this by default (and I'm happy about
> it).
> Jelly considers any element it cannot attach to a tag as a plain XML
> element to go to the output... there were discussions on having taglibs
> actually complain about non-existant tags for better predictability
> (since the output is, in some cases, mostly a debugoutput).

Does my explanation above help?

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