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From "Eric Pugh" <>
Subject [general][email] Time for Commons Email to exist Sandbox?
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 11:06:27 GMT
Hi all,

While not calling for a formal vote, I wanted to gather feedback on any
issues that would bar allows commons-email to exit the sandbox.  For those
of you not familiar with it, commons-email is an attempt to provide a
lightweight simple library for sending emails using the JavaMail library.
Text, HTML, and attachement type emails are supported.

This code was originally written for Turbine, and is therefore quite mature.
Since then it has been langushing in Sandbox until some new contributors
have started submitting patches.

I feel that this code is very close to being ready for a 1.0, and all the
remains is some polishing of Ant script and promotion out of the Sandbox.

The only "issue" I can raise is that while there are two Emeritus
committers, John McNally and Jon Stevens, I am the only active Commons
committer working on [email].  However, we have some active contributors,
specifically Mark Lowe and Corey Scott who have provided unit tests and
testing.   I think that getting [email] out of the sandbox will allow it to

Please send me your feedback, and, assuming the perspective is postive, I'll
call for a formal VOTE promotion later this week.

I have updated the docs showing the increased code coverage etc:

Eric Pugh

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